Want to brighten up your friend’s day?


Here are five reasons why….

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1. It shows you care

Sending a greeting card means more than sending another gif or text message. It shows that you took that little bit more of an effort and it adds a personal touch. It simply makes you stand out.

2. It is surprising

Especially now when everything seems to happen online, receiving a physical message on the doormat can be just that little surprise that brightens up someone’s day.

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3. It is relaxing

Taking the time to think of your message, but also the act of writing itself can clear your mind from other, more stressful things in life.

4. You may get mail in return

By receiving a greeting card, your friend, grandmother or colleague may get inspired to send out greeting cards themselves!

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5. Why Norra Cards?

Norra cards are high-quality greeting cards, with unique Nordic nature designs. Above all, by sending a greeting card from Norra cards you do not only bring value to the people around you, but also to the environment.


The only thing left is to pick your favourite designs!

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