Norra cards are greeting cards made from recycled grass and recycled paper. The paper is made through a more sustainable and circular process.

But why is it important to look for sustainable paper alternatives in the first place? Read it below!

Paper: indispensable but resource intensive

Did you know that in 15 seconds, 199 tons of paper are produced? We do not only use paper to print or write on, but also for the gift wraps around our birthday presents, the package around our favourite food (or basically any product we buy and use), the magazines, novels and cookbooks we read in, the greeting cards we send to our beloved ones, and so on….

Even though our world becomes increasingly digitalized, paper continues to make our lives more comfortable: it is a very valuable product!

At the same time, the paper industry has a resource-intensive nature:

| Of the paper produced today, 93% comes from trees

| To produce one paper greeting card out of trees, you need 2.5 litres of water.

| The chemicals used to bleach and process the paper are harming the environment.

Fortunately, the industry is constantly evolving and innovating, and various sustainable solutions have been discovered.

Sustainable paper alternatives

The end product is a high-quality sustainable greeting card that has a very rustic and natural look and feel. This combines very well with Nordic nature designs of Norra cards!

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