On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions about Norra cards!

Why do you use paper from the Netherlands?

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As I am very much concerned with the environment, I wanted to print my Nordic nature designs on sustainable paper. In my quest to find a sustainable alternative to virgin paper, I stumbled across multiple alternatives. While there were also some sustainable options offered by companies in Sweden, they did not entirely meet my requirements. As a minimum I wanted the paper to be thick, unbleached and recyclable. Therefore I decided to look beyond the borders of my new home country. This is how I stumbled across Veezel©. Do you want to read more about why I chose Veezel©? You can read it here.

How long does it take until my package arrives?

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The delivery time depends on where you live. On this page you will find an overview of the usual delivery times. Please note that in general, it might take longer due to Covid-19 (shortage of personnel, transportation restrictions). Besides, be prepared that just before the Christmas holidays there are also usually some delays in delivery.

What is sustainable about your product?

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Norra cards are printed on paper made from recycled grass, recycled roadside grass and only a small portion of virgin paper. This process saves water and energy and prevents chemical pollution (no bleaching) and paper waste (by recycling paper). By re-using the roadside grass, this natural resource gets another purpose after it is mowed, instead of being turned into natural waste. Since all the resources (recycled paper, roadside grass and virgin paper) are sourced in the region where the paper is produced, the CO2 emissions of transportation are limited during the production process. What is more, the designs are printed with bio-ink, which is based on vegetable oil (an in-exhaustive natural resource) instead of petroleum (an exhaustive resource). Read more about sustainability on this page.

How can I pay for my order?

In the Norra Cards webshop, the following payment methods are available to you:

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If your order via email or personal contact, you will receive an invoice. Invoices should be paid within 15 days.

Do you paint the designs yourself?

Yes I do! And I love it!

Where can I buy Norra cards?

You can buy Norra cards in the webshop, or in one of the shops listed on this page.

Do you also make cards on demand?

Yes I do! But only of Nordic animals or pets and only on A6 format. So if you would like to have a tailor-made card of your favourite animal, please get in touch via info@norracards.com.

Why do you focus on Nordic nature in your designs?

Before I moved to Sweden, I had already travelled multiple times through Nordic countries. I simply fell in love with their beauty. Because I am living in Sweden now, I wanted to make a tribute to all the amazing creatures that live in the Nordics.

Is it possible to get a refund?

If you are not satisfied with your order, you can return your order within 14 days. Write an email to info@norracards.com with the reason of your return. You can return your order to: Norra Cards, Åhusgatan 4, lg 1201, 21438, Sweden. If the products are still in good shape when they return, you can get a full refund (excluding shipping costs). If the products are not in good shape, you will receive a coupon that can be used in the Norra cards webshop.

How do you handle my personal data?

In the Privacy policy, you can read all about how Norra Cards handles your personal data.


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